To the pro-Marcos voter – That’s “Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.”, not “Bongbong”

You do not have the right to vote in ignorance, or to choose just any yahoo because “it feels good,” or because “that’s the candidate we choose around here – because he’s one of us.”

No, he’s not.  We’re not holding elections for you to enjoy your mindfuck.  We’re not holding elections only to pay for your ignorance, your vote that will restore to power the family we Filipinos threw out in 1986.

And no, I’m not sorry that our school system failed you, that your teachers did not teach you the nation’s judgement of thirteen years of dictatorship (we rejected it).  You’re an adult now; it’s your fucking job to be informed about the consequences of your actions, your choices.

We vote in thirty-eight days.  Don’t fuck it up for the rest of us, eh?  Just don’t.  Don’t shame us all by putting the Presidency within reach of that son of a dictator and his family.

They are NOT off the hook for their acts of plunder.  They have not been absolved of their cases before the Presidential Commission on Good Government.


P.S. And, please – your “Bongbong” is no longer six years old.  Call him by the name he fully, truly represents.  His name is Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr., and he’s not running for you or me.  He’s running to rehabilitate the Marcos name, more than anything else.